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No. 40 / 2000

As I turn 58 this weekend (I like to call this my Scarlet Street 'birthday' post) I was struck at how fortunate to be able to present Issue #40 (a nice round number) and to be able to look back and truthfully say how satisfying each and every single posting has been!  

It took a long time for this idea to finally happen.  I wanted to create a place on the internet where Scarlet Street would always be remembered and enjoyed, and I was insecure about it in regards to any potential problems I might be creating by doing so.  I only dared 'test' out sharing information of it on my Facebook account and then later Twitter.

Not too long after I began this project, to my utter happiness (and relief) I got way more than just a 'green light' from none other than original Managing Editor, and the most closest and intimate confidant to Richard Valley, Tom Amorosi himself!  That really set the stage.  If Tom liked what I was doing, what more could one ask for?

I was, however, to get other words of encouragement, in particular from John J. Matthews, most famously known as "The News Hound" in the pages of each and every Scarlet Street, but he did get to use his actual name on articles he wrote as well.  

Kevin G Shinnick, who did a lot of writing and interviews of artists spotlighted in the pages of Scarlet Street, has been most supportive of this blog's success.  I can't thank him enough.

There has also been support from people like Ross Care, a composer himself, who contributed many articles in Scarlet Street about music in theatre and motion pictures.  

I can always rely on SS contributor Farnham Scott to give me an honest opinion whenever I make a new post.  Also, Harry Long just recently found out about my little endeavor here and most graciously said, "How wonderful!"  Even Cult Movies magazine's Buddy Barnett can be counted on for giving a 'thumbs up' whenever I mention a new posting for Scarlet Street.  (I was as much a rabid a fan of "Cult Movies" as I was of "Scarlet Street" back in those days, so what an honor!)

The original Scarlet Street Forums is still online, but as can be imagined there's not so much action there these days.  Nonetheless, I was struck recently by a request from a fan (and forum member) of the magazine asking whether or not issues of it could be posted "for future generations to access".  How happy I was to reply with one word, "Granted" and a link to this blog! 

Many apologies for at the moment I only know the user's account ID 'bkohatl'.  If I get his real name I'll post it here, but to end this off I'll use his words that say it best, "I want to thank you all, for keeping love of movies and mystery alive."

*"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" [1948]

*"Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" [1948]

*Art and stills from "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" [1948] including Lon Chaney being made up for his character, the Wolf Man.

*On the set of "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" [1948]

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] featuring Matt Frewer (center).

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] featuring Kenneth Welsh.

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] featuring Jason London (top and center).

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] featuring Jason London.

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] with Rodney Gibbons (top photo).

*"The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000] featuring Emma Campbell (top and center).

*Matt Frewer

*Matt Frewer

*Matt Frewer

*Dennis Morgan, Wayne Morris, Humphrey Bogart and Lya Lys in "The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*Humphrey Bogart in "The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*"The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*Lya Lys in "The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*Humphrey Bogart and Rosemary Lane in "The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*"The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*"The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*Vincent Sherman opposite John Barrymore in "Counselor At Law" [1933] center, and with John Huston as Mr. Huston hands over "Across the Pacific" to be completed by Mr. Sherman, shown here with Humphrey Bogart, Sydney Greenstreet and Mary Astor [1942] below.

*Vincent Sherman with Patricia Neal and Wilkie Cooper behind the scenes of "The Hasty Heart" [1949] above, with Joan Crawford on the set of "Harriet Craig" [1950] center, and a candid shot with Ms. Crawford below.

*Vincent Sherman with Errol Flynn behind the scenes of "The Adventures of Robin Hood" [1938] above, and "The Adventures of Don Juan" [1948].  

The caption for the center photo reads:  WATCHING THEM MAKE MOTION PICTURES.  Errol Flynn has seven romantic adventures with as many pretty gals in Warner Bros.' "Adventures of Don Juan", and this is one of 'em in the making.  The lovely lady is Ann Rutherford.  Note the huge Technicolor camera.  The horn is the assistant director's loud-speaker.  He has to make a lot of noise when (he) says, "Quiet please!"  The director, just in front of the camera, is Vincent Sherman.  Microphone is hidden in the leaves on the end of that long stick.  (Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank, California)

*Vincent Sherman with Virginia Mayo, Gordon MacRae and Dane Clark during the making of "Backfire" [ca. 1948] above, and behind the scenes with Rita Hayworth for "An Affair In Trinidad" [1952] center and below, the bottom photo also with Valerie Bettis.

*Vincent Sherman with Claude Rains during the making of "Saturday's Children" [1940] above, behind the scenes with Paul Newman for "The Young Philadelphians" [1959] center and below.

*"The Big Sleep" [1946] top 3 photos and "Dragnet" [1945] below.

*"Dragnet" [1954] above and "Blue Velvet" [1986] bottom 3 photos.

*"While The City Sleeps" [1956]

*"Shadow of a Doubt" [1943] top 3 photos and "D.O.A." [1950] below

*"D.O.A." [1950] above and "Tony Rome" [1967] bottom 3 photos.

*"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" [1962]

*"Crossfire" [1947] top 3 photos and "The Seventh Victim" [1943] below

*"The Seventh Victim" [1943] above and "Song of the Thin Man" [1947] bottom 3 photos.

*"Some Like It Hot" [1959]

*"The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*"The Return of Doctor X" [1939]

*After "The Hound of the Baskervilles" [2000], Rodney Gibbons would be involved in three more Sherlock Holmes adventures with Matt Frewer and Kenneth Welsh:  "The Sign of Four" [2001] above, "The Royal Scandal" [2001] center, and "The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire" [2002] below.

*Vincent Sherman with Kent Smith and Ann Sheridan working on "Nora Prentiss" [1947] above, with Zachary Scott and Ann Sheridan on the set of "The Unfaithful" [1947] center, and on location with Ida Lupino for ""In Our Time" [1944] below.

*Vincent Sherman (above) is with cameraman James Wong Howe and a lady that was identified in the photo as 'actress Barbara London', but I am not certain if this is correct.  In the center he's obviously with Bette Davis (but I am uncertain for what production) and below on the set of "Ice Palace" [1960] with Ray Danton and Diane McBain.

*"The Postman Always Rings Twice" [1946]

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk. My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.

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