Thursday, December 21, 2017

No. 34 / 1999

Happy Holidays from Scarlet Street Magazine!  I'm pleased to say that I kept to my schedule this year and have now scanned all 55 issues of this wonderful collection and they'll be ready to post through to the end of 2019.  This coming year's schedule will include moving ahead in finding the supplemental photos that I like to include along with the post of each issue.  It's just something that I like to do which, I believe, connects the archival material with the present, probably because I feel I'm adding something 'new'.

This issue, SS #34, covers the two most famous 'frat houses' that any real gothic fantasy lover would ever hope to be a part of:  "House of Frankenstein" & "House of Dracula".  What a festive holiday treat!  Although I wasn't able to come up with much in the rare photo department, at least you can see some of your favorites in a high quality format.  Remember, each page and photo can be selected individually for easier reading and inspection!  

So please have fun with Scarlet Street #34 from 1999, and 'we' all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year of 2018.  (I'll be back in February with SS #35!)

*"House of Frankenstein" [1944]

*"House of Frankenstein" [1944]

*"House of Frankenstein" [1944] above and "House of Dracula" [1945] below.

*"House of Dracula" [1945]

*"House of Dracula" [1945]

*"House of Dracula" [1945]

*Elena Verdugo (with Lon Chaney below).

*Elena Verdugo (in "House of Frankenstein" [1944] above)

*Elena Verdugo (with Lon Chaney below)

*Elena Verdugo (with Lon Chaney from "House of Frankenstein" [1944] above)

*Jane Adams

*Jane Adams (in "House of Dracula [1945] with Onslow Stevens below)

*Jane Adams (in "House of Dracula" [1945] below)

*Jane Adams (in "House of Dracula" [1945] below)

*Jane Adams (in "House of Dracula" [1945] with Glenn Strange below)

*"Side Street" [1950]

*"Gun Crazy" [1949]

*"White Heat" [1949]

*"Rope" [1948]

*"The Dark Corner" [1946]

*"The Mask of Dimitrios" [1944]

*"Pitfall" [1948]

*"Key Largo" [1948]

*"The Lady From Shanghai" [1948]

*"The Naked Kiss" [1964]

*"The Killing" [1956]

*"Night and the City" [1950]

*"Marlowe" [1969]

*"Sorry, Wrong Number" [1948]

*"The Dark Mirror" [1946]

*"Point Blank"[1967]

*"The Stranger" [1946]

*"Criss Cross" [1949]

*"Leave Her to Heaven" [1945]

*"Journey Into Fear" [1942]

*Jane Adams (and Patricia Alphin below) for the holidays!

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk. My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.

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