Thursday, September 28, 2017

No. 31 / 1998

It is wonderful to reach 'that most Scarlet time of the year' with the coming of what many like to refer to as SHOCK-tober!  Around the midwest, however, you'd never have known it up until now because we not only had record high temperatures, our final day of the heatwave just two days ago was the warmest day (this Autumn) that we had all Summer!  (There is no global warming, however, and don't let a few record breaking hurricanes this year try to persuade you otherwise.  Hoo-boy!)

In any case, let this latest post help get us into the mood of that time of year when we can all just be ourselves and enjoy the season that starts with Halloween.  As I like to do it, this is just the beginning, as I'll be back again just before the upcoming holiday with another great issue posting of Scarlet Street!  For now, here's Issue #31...and it's lots of fun!

*David Manners

*David Manners with Julie Bishop and (above) Bela Lugosi

*David Manners with Katharine Hepburn (above) and Zita Johann (below)

*David Manners with Ruth Hall (below)

*David Manners with Adrienne Ames & Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (above) and Elizabeth Allan (below)

*David Manners with Myrna Loy (above) and Loretta Young (below)

*David Manners with Helen Chandler (below)

*Marilyn Monroe with Joseph Cotton (below)

*Marilyn Monroe

*Marilyn Monroe on the set of "Niagara" [1953] with Jean Peters

*Marilyn Monroe (below) and Jean Peters (above)

*Marilyn Monroe with Richard Allan

*Marilyn Monroe in "Niagara" [1953]

*Artwork and stills from "Nightmare Alley" [1947] with Tyrone Power & Coleen Gray (center and below)

*"Nightmare Alley" [1947] with Tyrone Power and Coleen Gray (above) and Helen Walker & Director Edmund Goulding (center)

*"Nightmare Alley" [1947] artwork (above) and on the set (center) with Mike Mazurki & Coleen Gray (below)

*Coleen Gray

*Coleen Gray with Jeff Morrow (below)

*Coleen Gray and John Beal in "The Vampire" [1957]

*Coleen Gray with John Payne (above)

*Coleen Gray as "The Leech Woman" [1960] above

*Coleen Gray with Victor Mature (above)

*"Nightmare Alley" [1947] with Joan Blondell (above & center), Ian Keith (above) and I think that's Coleen Gray (below)

*"Suspicion" [1941]

*"Ministry of Fear" [1944]

*"They Live By Night" [1948]

*"Scarlet Street" [1945]

*"Dark Passage" [1947]

*"The Glass Key" [1942]

*"The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" [1946]

*"Ride the Pink Horse" [1947]

*"Sudden Fear" [1952]

*"Purple Noon" [1960]

*"In A Lonely Place" [1950]

*"The Blue Dahlia" [1946]

*"Fear In The Night" [1947]

*"I Wake Up Screaming" [1941]

*David Manners with Adrienne Ames (above)

*David Manners with Barbara Stanwyck (above)

*"Ace In The Hole" [1951]

*"Dark Alibi" [1946]

*"Sunset Blvd." [1950]

*Marilyn Monroe

*Coleen Gray

*Marilyn Monroe

*Helen Walker

*Tyrone Power

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk. My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.

Also, for more on David Manners along with Ian Wolfe, Carl Laemmle Jr. & AlanNapier, check out Rick Atkins' new book, which you can buy via this link or 

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