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No. 26 / 1997

Happy Easter to everyone!  I think it is pretty much official here in the upper Mid-West that warmer days are back again.  So far, we seem to be on top of the outdoor landscaping and prepared as best we can for the heat to come.  

Scarlet Street #26 was a very special issue for me, mainly for the re-discovery of David Manners.  It was almost unimaginable at the time that our great leading man of so many cherished films (that may have wound up not being so cherished by him!) was still with us and we were to have some more time left with him.  Being in contact with our elderly, for me, always makes me feel like I'm directly in touch with a wonderful past.  A wonderful past it must of been for Mr. Manners, for it becomes quite apparent he did acquire a lot of wisdom from his years, and wasn't fearful of sharing it.

I have to mention that Rick McKay does a marvelous job in presenting David Manners to us here, but there is another Rick that I know of that I must mention, not just because he is a friend of mine, but I do think it would be a mistake otherwise as he has a whole section in his new book devoted to Mr. Manners.

The book is "Guest Parking 2:  Ian Wolfe, Carl Laemmle Jr., Alan Napier, David Manners" (2016) and the author is Rick Atkins.  Mr. Atkins devotes this book to his personal memories of these four amazing people.  As I told Rick, for me his book is "not simply about (these) four individuals.  It's about (his) relationship with them and how that also relates to everyone's journey on this temporary plane of existence we all share."  I also told Rick he "saved the best for last, David Manners."  Doing so, "brought the entire idea of 'Guest Parking' to its height.  It helped make the book one whole." (Please go to the end of this post for a photo of the cover of this new book by Rick Atkins.) 

As you can imagine, there is another Guest Parking book, "Guest Parking: Zita Johann" (2011) which begins the related theme that Rick Atkins uses in this series.  Rick Atkins is also the author of "Among the Rugged Peaks:  An Intimate Biography of Carla Laemmle" (2009) and "Let's Scare 'Em!", a companion piece of work from 1997, which he also advertised here in Scarlet Street magazine.

I bring this to your attention for any David Manners fan out there who might like to read more about him, and to point out that there are people like Rick Atkins who still carry on the memories of so many of our treasured heroes from the past.

*James Whale, actor (1919)

*James Whale's parents, William & Sarah Whale

*James Whale

*James Whale on the set of "The Invisible Man" and with Claude Rains (below)

*1920 sketch by James Whale for one of his stage plays

*James Whale (Photo via FB friend, Sally Stark)

*1920 sketch by James Whale for one of his stage plays

*Ernest Thesiger and James Whale on the set of "Bride of Frankenstein" [1935]

*On the set of "Journey's End" [1930]

*At home in his later years.

I have a Facebook page devoted to James Whale, which can be found at this link:  

*David Manners [1934]

*David Manners and Katharine Hepburn

*David Manners on the set of "Journey's End" (above) and at home (below).

*With Julie Bishop "The Black Cat" [1934]

*With Kay Francis

*David Manners

*David Manners with Claudette Colbert (above) and Colin Clive (below).

*With Barbara Stanwyck

*"The Miracle Woman" [1931] with Beryl Mercer, David Manners & Barbara Stanwyck (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures/PHOTOFEST 212-633-6330)

"Sweet Mama" [1930]

*David Manners

*"Fright Night" [1985]

*Roddy McDowall & William Ragsdale are terrorized by Chris Sarandon

*"Fright Night" [1985]

"Fright Night" [1985]

*Roddy McDowall & Tom Holland

*Roddy McDowall with John Ford (above)

*Roddy McDowall being made-up for "Planet of the Apes" (above) and with Jane Powell.

*Roddy McDowall as the "Bookworm" (above) and with Elizabeth Taylor (below).

*Roddy McDowall

*Roddy McDowall

*Steven Geoffreys

*On the set of "Fright Night" [1985] with Steven Geoffreys

*At home with Steven Geoffreys

*Steven Geoffreys with make-up artist Steve Johnson (below)

*"Fright Night" [1985]

*David Manners (with Barbara Stanwyck in "The Miracle Woman" [1931] above.)

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk. My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.

Many images, from the film "Fright Night" [1985] in particular, come from the website  Check them out, they have a lot of cool stuff, including many more photos not used here!

Also, check out Rick Atkins' new book, which you can buy from this link or
"Guest Parking 2:  Ian Wolfe, Carl Laemmle Jr., Alan Napier, David Manners" (2016)

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