Friday, May 1, 2015

No. 4 / Fall 1991

 The earliest SS issue that was not reprinted, No. 4, and upon realizing that I wondered if I'd ever find a copy to reproduce here.   I did happen upon a copy of this and issue No. 5, which a seller on eBay was trying to auction off and yet there were no takers.  When I let the seller know he definitely had a buyer in me, I was dismayed that he made me his offer -- along with tripling the price for each issue!  In the end I lost out on this one, but he did too because I bought No. 5 from someone else.  Fortunately I got a lot of good deals on other SS issues so in the end it all evened out for me, I suppose.  

No. 4 would be the first time the iconic Scarlet Street logo appeared, and the last time the cover would be all in black and white.  Please do enjoy this rarity!

*Wolf Larson (shown in a later photograph)

*Gerard Christopher (shown in a later photograph)

*Some artwork for "The Return of Dracula" [1958]

*A couple of frames from "The Return of Dracula" [1958]

*"The Return of Dracula" [1958]

*Production still from "The Return of Dracula" [1958]

* Nice portrait of Francis Lederer

*Christopher Lee

*Christopher Lee

*Christopher Lee, still active today in 2015! [Photo from 2005]

*Christopher Lee

*Christopher Lee as Saruman in "The Lord of the Rings" & "The Hobbit"

*Christopher Lee

*Forrest J Ackerman and one of his great loves, the Robotrix (replica) from "Metropolis" [1927]

*Uncle Forry at home

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk.  My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.

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