Friday, March 27, 2015

No. 2 / Apr-Jun 1991

 This is a reprint of Issue No. 2 and with it you can see the wonderful re-working of the original cover.  My copy has a slightly different shade of scarlet from what I recall seeing on other issues.

I wasn't able to find a decent reproduction of the original Issue No. 2 cover, but I did happen upon a couple of snapshots of it via eBay.  It allows you an idea of the changes made with the reprint version for the cover only.

* Actor Anthony Hall.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything about his life on the internet beyond what is covered in this article.

* Joyce Taylor.  There is also very little to be found out about her via the internet as well, except that as of this posting it appears she is still with us at the age of 83.

* Lobby card

* Anthony Hall fights for his freedom and winds up in a provocative hold.

* Edward Platt and Anthony Hall

* frame from "Atlantis:  The Lost Continent"

* Joyce Taylor

* Anthony Hall (Watermark says "Gallery of History, Inc.")

* Scene from "Atlantis:  The Lost Continent"

* Death ray time!

* One more look at gorgeous Joyce Taylor

* Lobby card

* Keye Luke

* Lillian Bond

* Don Chaffey

* Johnny Eck

* Dean Jagger

* Berry Kroeger

* Glenn Langan

* Maura McGiveney

* John McIntire

* Aldo Ray

* Anne Revere

* David White

* Not Shown:  Morgan MacKay, Richard Maibaum, Howard Schwartz, John Russell   RIP

* Four frames from "The Hound of the Baskervilles" [1959]

* Lobby card

* "The Hound of the Baskervilles" [1959]

* "The Hound of the Baskervilles" [1959]

* Christopher Lee as Sherlock Holmes!

* "Horrors of the Black Museum" lobby cards

* "Horrors of the Black Museum" lobby cards

* "Horrors of the Black Museum" lobby cards

* "Horrors of the Black Museum" [1959]

* Supplemental images are noted with an (*) asterisk.  My intention is to only enhance the reading experience and not take away from the original publication.


  1. Small typo under photo. Alto Ray should be ALDO Ray. Thanks for the scans.

    1. Thanks so much, Fred. Anything you see for correction is much appreciated!